Selling Your Condo

Selling Your Condo

Whether you are looking to up-size, downsize or relocate to another city, my goal is to help you through the entire process and get your condo sold for the most money. As a professional realtor, I am bound by Code of Ethics under REBBA (Real Estate Business Brokers Act) 2002 and have several legal obligations. You can expect me to always work in YOUR best interests, be fair, honest and provide conscientious and competent service.

I will walk you through the entire selling process so you won’t experience any “surprises” along the way and provide you with options along the way to ensure you are getting the most money possible for your condo.

My brokerage, Bosley Real Estate, is a family owned and operated business and has been assisting the buying and selling public since 1928. Many members of my senior management team have held senior positions in the Canadian Real Estate Association, Ontario Real Estate Association, Toronto Real Estate Board and the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

Marketing Your Property

The most important step when it comes to selling a property is marketing. As a realtor, my goal is to get your property in front of as many potential buyers possible, to get you the highest price. For the last 7 years I have had my own online marketing company, which has taught me various tricks to get the most exposure online. I can accomplish this using my social channels, social media ads, pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization and various other creative ways depending on the property. I also have a great network of marketing experts to help maximize the reach of my advertisements. When combining this with more traditional real estate marketing methods such as MLS, flyers and more, it creates an all-encompassing marketing plan for your property.

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