Renting in Toronto has gotten much more complex. Even Toronto condo rentals today are going in multiple offers, and to really navigate the market you need to hire a professional who knows what they are doing. Whether you are looking to rent out a property that you own or find a rental for your personal use, I can help! Here are some of the ways I can help on your rental needs:

Renting Your Property

  1. Pricing – Determining a price for your rental can be quite complicated without the right tools. I will run comparisons on properties listed in your area for rent as well as properties that have recently leased to determine the best price for your rental. Finding the best price means that your property will sit on the market for shortest time while maximizing your rent potential.
  2. Negotiating Terms and Price – I will work hard to negotiate the highest possible rent for your unit, while getting you the best terms. This will be accomplished using all available market data as well as some techniques that I have acquired over the years. In my previous career I negotiated several deals for domains and websites valued up to mid $XXX,XXX.
  3. Market Knowledge – When I am not working with clients, most of my free time is spent viewing various properties around the city. This allows me to know what is going on around the area of your building to help with any questions that might come up. Knowing what is in demand can mean more money in your pocket
  4. Showing Your Property In The Best Light – High quality pictures are one of the best tools to get people in the door. I have always loved taking pictures and take great pride in taking a quality picture and in the equipment I buy. Spending $800 on a lens is just part of doing my job if it means my clients will get amazing photos. I have also taken several photography classes to perfect my skills which I will use to showcase your property in the best possible way. You can view some of my photography on Instagram.
  5. Marketing – Prior to real estate, I made a living from online marketing. I will use my skills and market knowledge to have your property showcased in as many places as possible, to maximize the number of people that view your rental. This helps decrease the amount of time the property will sit on the market, and helps ensure you get the most money for the property.
  6. Trust – Working with someone who you can trust is by far the most important part of any transaction. You and your property will be my top focus and I am available whenever you need me for any questions whatsoever no matter what time of day.
  7. Paperwork – I will help put together all the paperwork required to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Finding An Apartment Rental

  1. Finding The Best Property For YOU – When meeting for the first time, I will ask some questions to help determine your needs and wants in ways that you may not have even thought about. Once I have a good understanding of what you are looking for, I will keep my ear to the ground if any properties are coming on the market which I think will be a good fit, so we can get in faster than anyone else.
  2. Save You Time – By taking the time to really understand what you are looking for, I will help narrow down your search time to a very short period. We should be able to only view a handful of properties until we find one that is perfect for you.
  3. Save You Money – Through industry knowledge and research using various tools that I have at my disposal, I will be able to determine the most you should pay for your rental. I will also work hard to negotiate on your behalf to save you even more money on your rental.
  4. Market Knowledge – Since much of my time is spent visiting various buildings and neighbourhoods I can give you advice to save the time of going to visit buildings that won’t be a good match.
  5. Toronto Knowledge – As someone that has lived in Toronto my entire life, I know the different areas very well. I will help answer any questions you might have about various areas as well as introduce you to new areas that might be a good fit for your personality and interests.
  6. Working In Your Best Interests – Anything you tell me will be kept completely confidential unless you direct me to do otherwise. I treat each and every one of my transactions as if it were my own money being spent, and will work hard to make sure you don’t pay a penny more than you should.
  7. Financial Advice – In some cases it just doesn’t make sense to rent. If your rental payment could actually buy you something similar then I will inform you of your options and direct you to a mortgage expert who can get you pre-qualified for a mortgage and in some cases arrange your down payment.
  8. Paperwork – I will guide you through all the paperwork required to make the renting process as simple as possible.

If you’d like to meet for a rental consultation so we can get started with finding you an awesome place, contact me today.