Toronto Condos With Most Short Term Rentals

I am working with a client right now to find a condo in the city and one of their criteria is they do not want to be in a condo with AirBnB’s or short-term rentals. In searching around online it is difficult to find any real concrete info on which buildings have these units, so I decided to go digging.

I reached out to the City of Toronto to determine if there was a central database of AirBnB’s in the city which I could access and much to my delight THERE WAS! After combing through all the data I decided to put together a list of buildings which had the highest number of registered condominiums and am sharing that info here:

Toronto Condo AirBnB Rules

To give some background, Toronto implemented rules on AirBnB’s or short term rentals in January 2021. As part of these rules there were some restrictions placed on what could be rented. Here is what the city has listed on their site of what can qualify for a short term rental:

  • You are only allowed to short-term rent your principal residence.
    • This is the residence where you live and the address you use for bills, identification, taxes and insurance.
    • You can only have one principal residence at a time, therefore you cannot legally run more than one short-term rental.
  • You can be a homeowner or a renter in any housing type, for example house, apartment or condominium, etc.
    • You should ensure that you are allowed, by your condominium or landlord, to short-term rent your residence.
  • You can rent up to three bedrooms in your principal residence for an unlimited number of nights per year or the entire home for a maximum of 180 nights per year.
  • Your home must be in a residential area in the city.
    • If you are a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) operator, you can continue to operate under existing zoning permissions for “tourist homes”.
  • You can host a short-term rental in a secondary suite or laneway suite, as long as the suite is your principal residence.
    • A secondary suite is a self-contained and separate living accommodation where food preparation and sanitary facilities are provided for the exclusive use of the occupants. This is located within a larger house (for example, a basement apartment).
    • A laneway suite is a self-contained residential unit located on the same lot as a larger house, and generally located in the rear yard.  A laneway suite must be next to a public laneway.
    • If you reside in the main portion of house, you are not permitted to separately short-term rent the secondary suite or laneway suite.

These rules also have further stipulations specific to condos, all of which you can view on the City of Toronto website:

  • If you live in a condominium, you can short-term your home as long as it is your principal residence.
  • Note that some condominium corporations have their own bylaws regarding short-term rentals, including prohibiting short-term rentals. It is your responsibility to understand and follow the rules set out by your condominium.
  • It is the responsibility of condominium property managers to notify the City of bylaws prohibiting or limiting short-term rentals at their properties. To inform the City, please contact the Short-Term Rentals team at ShortTermRentals@toronto.ca, Monday to Friday. 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Toronto Condos With The MOST Short Term Rentals

I broke the list down into 3 categories: condos with over 25 registered units, condos with 10-24 units and condos with 6-9 units. I left out any buildings with 5 or less because there were quite a few of these and they seemed less relevant. Surprisingly many buildings had at least 1 or two registered so search the dataset linked above to see if there are any in your building. Here is the full list:

10-25 Registered Short-Term Rental Condos

These buildings have a good amount of short term rentals but haven’t quite reached full scale “condo/hotel type levels”:

  • 361 Front St. W (10 units units registered)
  • 576 Front St. W (10 units registered)
  • 415 Jarvis St (10 units registered)
  • 98 Lillian St (10 units registered)
  • 20 Shore Breeze Dr. (10 units registered)
  • 140 Simcoe St. (10 units registered)
  • 38 Grenville St. (12 units registered)
  • 125 Peter St. (12 units registered)
  • 1 Shaw St. (12 units registered)
  • 208 Queens Quay W (12 units registered)
  • 250 Wellington St W (13 units registered)
  • 832 Bay St (14 units registered)
  • 199 Richmond St. W (14 units registered)
  • 2 Annual Dr. (15 units registered)
  • 197 Yonge St. (15 units registered)
  • 105 George St (16 units registered)
  • 30 Shore Breeze Dr (16 units registered)
  • 38 Ianuzzi St. (17 units registered)
  • 165 Legion Rd. (17 units registered)
  • 80 Western Battery Rd. (17 units registered)
  • 120 Homewood Ave (18 units registered)
  • 8 Charlotte St. (19 units registered)
  • 188 Cumberland St. (20 units registered)
  • 18 Yonge St. (20 units registered)
  • 270 Wellington. St W (22 units registered)
  • 20 John St. (23 units registered)

25+ Registered Short-Term Rental Condos

These are the buildings that have the most short term rentals and start to fall into a category of condo/hotel with a high transient population. Once a building surpases 25 units then it could be more likely that this building has rules specifically allowing short term rentals and it is a more common practice in these buildings:

  • 10 Capreol Crt – Parade I (25 units registered)
  • 87 Peter St – Noir Residences (25 units registered)
  • 231 Fort York Blvd – Atlantis at Waterpark City (26 units registered)
  • 15 Iceboat Terr – Parade I (27 units registered)
  • 30 Nelson St – Studio 2 (30 units registered)
  • 560 Front St. W – Reve Condos (35 units registered)
  • 210 Victoria St. – Pantages Tower (37 units registered)
  • 55 Bremner Blvd – Maple Leaf Square (41 units registered)
  • 955 Bay St. – The Britt Condos (46 units registered)
  • 65 Bremner Blvd – Maple Leaf Square (49 units registered)
  • 209 Fort York – Neptune II at Waterpark City Condos (49 units registered)
  • 251 Jarvis St. – Dundas Square Gardens (50 units registered)
  • 215 Fort York Blvd – Neptune at Waterpark City (52 units registered)
  • 219 Fort York – Aquarius at Waterpark City (57 units registered)
  • 151 Dan Leckie Way – Parade II – (91 units registered)
  • 155 Yorkville Ave – Residences of Yorkville Plaza (97 units registered)
  • 101 Peter – Peter Street Condos – (104 units registered)
  • 12 York St. – Ice Condos (106 units registered)
  • 14 York St. – Ice Condos (136 units registered)
  • 21 Iceboat Terr – Parade II (151 units registered)
  • 300 Front St. W – Three Hundred Front Street (209 units registered) – With 683 total units in the building less than 1 in 4 units is a short term rental.

6-9 Registered Short-Term Rental Condos

Buildings with units in this range are less concern as in a larger building there is a good chance that a few people have registered their units to rent out if they are travelling a lot or not around. I have only included these as for some they may want to know this info:

  • 10 Park Lawn (9 units registered)
  • 112 George (7 units registered)
  • 1 Yorkville Ave (7 units registered)
  • 138 St Helen’s Ave (6 units registered)
  • 150 East Liberty St. (7 units registered)
  • 168 Simcoe St. (7 units registered)
  • 19 Grand Trunk Cres (9 units registered)
  • 2 Eva Rd. (9 units registered)
  • 20 Buyers Mews (6 units registered)
  • 20 Tubman Ave (8 units registered)
  • 22 Western Battery Rd (6 units registered)
  • 222 Elm St. (8 units registered)
  • 2221 Yonge St. (7 units registered)
  • 25 Richmond St E (9 units registered)
  • 27 Bathurst St. (9 units registered)
  • 30 Grand Trunk Cres (6 units registered)
  • 30 Ordnance St. (6 units registered)
  • 35 Mariner Terrace (8 units registered)
  • 352 Front St. W (8 units registered)
  • 38 Dan Beckie Way (7 units registered)
  • 38 Joe Shuter Way (6 units registered)
  • 39 Roehampton Ave (6 units registered)
  • 458 Richmond St W (7 units registered)
  • 477 Richmond St. W (7 units registered)
  • 500 Doris Ave (8 units registered)
  • 525 Adelaide St. W (7 units registered)
  • 650 King St. W (6 units registered)
  • 69 Lynn Williams St. (6 units registered)
  • 75 Queens Wharf Rd (7 units registered)
  • 8 Wellesley St E (8 units registered)
  • 8 York St. (9 units registered)
  • 85 Bloor St. E (8 units registered)
  • 88 Blue Jays Way (9 units registered)
  • 89 Dunfield Ave (8 units registered)

The purpose of this post is to have more transparency on which buildings have the most registered short term rentals as some may see this is a downside to living in one of these buildings, while an investor may see this as an opportunity. If you would like to discuss how this information can be relevant to you or are in the market for a condo and need an agent, please feel free to send me a message.