Get a REALM Account for Toronto Real Estate

The Toronto Real Estate Board (TRREB) have announced that they will be launching a new software platform called REALM to replace the previous one Collab aka Collaborate. This software will allow clients and their Realtor to communicate easily on the go and get access to all the MLS data needed to make an informed purchasing decision and keep up to date with what is going on in the real estate market.

The software is due to launch in December of 2021 and while details are still a bit unknown, TRREB released a video showing some of the awesome features.

Users will be able to easily show historical charts for things like average price, days on market and much more:

Realm Charts
Realm Charts

Land Registry Access

The REALM software will also have a direct link to the land registry system which is AMAZING NEWS. Right now the only similar software in Canada that has this capability is ViewPoint in Nova Scotia who has one of my favourite real estate platforms. This will allow people to easily see past sales data on the property and much more.

Once REALM launches users will easily be able to communicate with their Realtor over the platform and get more info than ever before.

Get First Access to REALM

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