Introducing Homing Real Estate

A few months ago I decided to leave my previous brokerage to join RE/Max Professionals. A lot of my business has started to shift specifically to the west end of the city and I felt it was important to be with a brokerage who was doing a ton of business in, and local to the area. After month’s of planning I launched: HOMING Real Estate.

The goal with Homing is to create a truly authentic real estate buying or selling experience. This means educating our buyers and sellers plus providing them with our experience and market knowledge so that they can make the best decision for their money. Buyers and sellers have plenty of choices in the market these days and our #1 priority is to make the buying & selling experience so great that our clients want to tell everyone.

For Buyers:

If you have been reading this blog for some time you will see that my approach to making buying and selling decisions has always been data driven and that will continue. It is really about YOU our (hopefully) future client and we like to approach each transaction as a lifelong partnership. If it is a bad time to buy, we will tell it to you as we see it, if there is potential issues with a property that can impact a sale down the road, we will tell you. And vice versa, if we find an amazing deal, our clients will be the first to know! Whether we make money now or in the future, we just want you to be armed with the best possible info so that you can make a well informed buying decision.

For Sellers:

On the sales side, our goal with every single sale is to get our clients the MOST possible money that they can get for their property. My background in online marketing will allow for us to market properties with a results oriented approach. With every listing we will first present the property in the best possible light with our stagers, then maximize the exposure through various marketing channels. The reality is every single buyer is now looking online first for their next home so you need an online approach to selling. In addition we have come up with some new innovative approaches to make your home memorable when they visit so that it stands out from the competition which we would love to share with you in person. The goal behind everything is to get the most buyers through the door and continue to set record prices on the sales side.

South Etobicoke

I live in Mimico so it is only natural to want to do most of my business here. I know the area extremely well, run the largest Facebook group for the area, and live, shop, eat, drink and play here. Most of my marketing efforts will be focussed on South Etobicoke and my goal is to be the go-to realtor for the area. With everything I do it is about building community, offering advice and helping others so if you have questions about the South Etobicoke Real Estate market, just reach out anytime!

Homing Website

I just launched a new website which has some awesome tools, so definitely visit Homing.ca. By far my favourite tool is our Street Match tool which notifies you when homes come up for sale or sell within a radius (defined by you) of your current home. It is an amazing way to see what is happening in the area and I always recommend keeping up to date with the market to get a better idea of what your place may be worth, but if you need help there you can always reach out to me any time for a FREE evaluation.