Video MemeFor years I have hated to be in front of the camera, but the reality is video is the future, so why not embrace it. A few weeks ago I bought my first Smart TV and have been massively addicted to watching educational YouTube videos. While I will continue to write content, I understand that not everyone wants to consume content that way anymore and I might as well get over myself and put my Toronto Condo content in front of the lens.

This Saturday I am turning 35 so I decided for my birthday I would buy myself a new lighting kit to make videos that hopefully look great. I know it is going to take some getting used to and know the first few videos are probably not going to be the best, but if I don’t start somewhere I will never start at all.

Since I know many of you probably haven’t got me my birthday present yet, I have one teeny tiny request. Can you PLEEEASSEEEEEEEE watch my first video below and let me know what you think in the comment section. You can be as mean as you like and any feedback good or bad I will greatly appreciate it! And if you are a really awesome person, if you could subscribe to my YouTube Channel you will become my new best friend. YouTube requires me to have 100 subscribers before they will give me a custom URL so this really will help me get there.

Without further adieu, here is my first video: What is a condo?